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Kottakkal Sivaraman

Kathakali Artist

Kottakkal Sivaraman is an Indian Kathakali exponent.

Sivaraman was born and brought up in Karalmanna village in Palakkad district, Kerala. He quietly redefined and reinterpreted the role of the heroine in Kathakali. Sivarman's female roles mesmerised the audience. His was a meteoric rise to stardom. Once established on stage, Sivaraman decided to question the conventional traits of sentimental nayikas such as Damayanthi, Mohini, Malini and Chitralekha. He has choreographed a new Attakkatha titled Pingala (which is based on the 11th Canto of the Epic Bhagavatham). He enacted the role of Pingala recently for Thirchur Kathakali Club

He was the recipient of the Government of India's Sangeet Natak Academi Award in 1988.

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