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K S Chithra


K. S. Chithra, credited as Chitra, is a singer who has made her mark in the Indian (film) playback industry. Known as the "Nightingale of South India", she has lent her voice to Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi and Bengali films. Born on July 27, 1963, in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) kerala , into a family of musicians, Chithra's talent was recognized and nurtured from an early age by her father, the late Krishnan Nair. He was also her first guru (teacher). Chithra received her extensive training in Carnatic music from Dr. K.Omanakutty, after she was selected for the National Talent Search Scholarship from the Central Government from 1978 - 1984. She was introduced to Malayalam playback singing by Shri. M.G.Radhakrishnan in 1979. She made her debut in the Tamil film industry in Chennai under the guidance of film music composer Ilaiyaraaja. Chitra is the only indian female singer in Royal Albert Hall, apart from Lata Mangeshkar. Chitra has done a very good job as a playback singer for many years now. She has proper knowledge of the south indian languages and hindi. Hence, is capable of rendering the song very beautifully. If you listen to her singing in a language, you would think that language is her mother tongue. Her voice is very versatile, sweet and she sings with a great feel. She is one of the best female singers ever made in Indian playback music


To this day, Chithra has recorded thousands of film and non-film songs. During her career, numerous recognitions have come her way including six National Awards for best female playback singer. This is the largest number of national awards awarded to any female playback singer.

She has also received 15 awards for the best female playback singer from Kerala State Government, 7 awards from Andhra Pradesh State Government, 4 awards from Tamil Nadu State Government and 2 awards from Karnataka State Government. She holds the unique honour of the first male or female playback singer to be recognised by all the four state governments in South India as the best playback singer.

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