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Irayimman Thampi


Ravi Varman Thampi better known as Irayimman Thampi was a famous Carnatic musician as well as a music composer from Kerala, India. He was a vocalist in the court of Swathi Thirunal. His compositions are still considered extremely popular and are sung by Malayalees all around the world.

Born as Ravi Varman Thampi in 1783 to Kerala Varma Thampuran of the Royal family of Chertallay and Parvathi Pillai Thankachi of the Puthumana Ammaveedu Thampi family, daughter of Makayiram Thirunal Maharajah of Travancore, both of whom were from royal lineage. He was named after his grandfather and was known as Ravi Varman Thampi which was later modified to Irayimman Thampi. Thampi was brought up at a house called Kizhake Madhom by his parents. His early education was from his father but later he went under the tutorship of Shankaran Elayathu in grammar, linguistics and sanskrit literature. He wrote his first poem when he was fourteen and dedicated it to Karthika Thirunal Dharmaraja of Travancore. Since then he occupied an enviable position in the Travancore court.

Irayiman Thampi married Kalyani Pillai Thankachi and they were blessed with seven children including a daughter who continued her father's artistic and poetic legacy, Kutty Kunju Thankachi in 1820. She grew into a prominent poetess and got many rewards from her cousin and king Swathi Thirunal. Irayimman Thampi was already thirty one years of age when Swathi Thirunal Maharajah was born. Irayimman Thampi passed away in the year 1862.

Famous Compositions

Omanathinkal Kidavo , Karuna Cheyvan .

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