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Indian Cuisines


North Indian

 Punjabi Cuisine
  Gulab Jamun

 Uttarpradesi Cuisine

 Rajasthani Cuisine

 Mughlai Cuisine
 Bhojpuri Cuisine
 Bihar Cuisine
 Kashmir Cuisine
  Rogan Josh

South Indian

 Kerala Cuisine
 Tamil Cuisine
 Andhra Cuisine
 Karnataka Cuisine
  Akki Rotti
  Jolada Rotti
  Ragi Mudde
  Ragi Rotti

East Indian

 Bengali Cuisine
 Oriya Cuisine

North-East Indian

 Sikkimese Cuisine
 Assam Cuisine
 Tripuri Cuisine


Kulfi is a popular South Asian dessert made with boiled milk. It comes in many flavours, including pistachio, malai, mango, cardamom (elaichi), saffron (kesar), the more traditional flavors, as well as newer variations like apple, orange, peanut, and avocado. Where western ice creams are whipped with air or overrun, kulfi contains no air; it is solid dense frozen milk. Therefore kulfi is not ice cream. It is a related, but distinct, category of frozen dairy based dessert.

Kulfi traditionally is an all natural dessert made with pure milk and contains no eggs. Kulfi is prepared by boiling milk until it is reduced to half. Then sugar is added and the mixture is boiled for another ten minutes and a teaspoon of cornflour is added to it after making it into a paste using water. On adding the paste the mixture thickens and is boiled for some more time. Then flavourings, dried fruits, cardamom, etc. are added. The mixture is then cooled, put in moulds and frozen. One can eat kulfi plain as is or it can be garnished with ground cardamom, saffron, or pistachio nuts. Kulfi is also served with faloodeh

Traditionally in India and throughout the Indian Subcontinent, kulfi is sold right off the street byfrom the matka, takes the kulfi out of the mold, serves the kulfi onto a plate and garnishes it with some pistachios, cardamom or rice noodles. The dessert is suitable for vegetarians., 2003-2005. All Rights Reserved.
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