indian cuisine
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Indian Cuisines


North Indian

 Punjabi Cuisine
  Gulab Jamun

 Uttarpradesi Cuisine

 Rajasthani Cuisine

 Mughlai Cuisine
 Bhojpuri Cuisine
 Bihar Cuisine
 Kashmir Cuisine
  Rogan Josh

South Indian

 Kerala Cuisine
 Tamil Cuisine
 Andhra Cuisine
 Karnataka Cuisine
  Akki Rotti
  Jolada Rotti
  Ragi Mudde
  Ragi Rotti

East Indian

 Bengali Cuisine
 Oriya Cuisine

North-East Indian

 Sikkimese Cuisine
 Assam Cuisine
 Tripuri Cuisine

Nepalese cuisine

Nepalese cuisine refers to the cuisines of Nepal. The cultural diversity of Nepal has provided an ample space for the growth of a number of cuisines based on the ethnic groups and the geographical features of the nation. Hence, Nepalese cuisine encompasses a whole array of different cuisines rather than one single type of cuisine. Dahl baht, rice and lentil soup, is a staple dish of Nepal


* Newari cuisine - Newars are an ethnic group originally living in the Kathmandu Valley, now also in bazaar towns elsewhere in the so-called hills (Himalayan foothills, up to about 10,000'/3,000m). Widespread use of water buffalo meat even though it is avoided by stricter Hindus as too cow-like. Also has various fermented preparations. In the fertile Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys this cuisine often includes a greater variety of foodstuffs than are available in most of the hills.

* Khas or Pahari cuisine - Food of upper-caste Hindus in the hills, conforming to their dietary restrictions, i.e. no pork or beef, with prohibitions on beef extending to yak and buffalo. Dal-Bhat (boiled rice eaten with a spicy lentil sauce) is the staple dish for those who grow or can afford rice. Alternative staple foods are unleavened flat wheat bread (wheat is widely grown as a winter crop) and coarse cornmeal mush (corn is a summer crop in upland un-irrigated fields). The so-called hill tribes or janajati and untouchables may eat pork and buffalo.

* Terai cuisine - cuisine of lowlands south Mahabharat Lekh. Often indistinguishable from cuisine of adjacent parts of India, but with some variations among Tharu and other ethnic groups. Also more varied than hill cuisine with a greater variety of crops grown locally or grown in cooler climates in adjacent hill regions as cash crops and exported to the Terai.

* Himalayan cuisine - Eaten by culturally Tibetan and similar ethnic groups in northern parts of the country. Barley and millet are the main grains. Heavy use of potatoes. The meat of yaks and possibly yak-cow hybrids may be used, as well as their milk., 2003-2005. All Rights Reserved.
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