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Indian Cuisines


North Indian

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East Indian

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Falooda is a South Asian dessert made by mixing vermicelli, basil seeds (sabja/takmaria), tutti frutti and sugar along with ice cream. The vermicelli used is often made from arrowroot rather than wheat. The most popular flavours of falooda include rose, kesar (saffron), mango, chocolate, and fig.

Falooda is very popular throughout North India, Pakistan and Myanmar (where it is known as pha-loo-da) and is easily available in hotels and on beach stalls. A variant is falooda kulfi, where falooda and kulfi are served together with a syrup. The most common flavour added to falooda is rose, which is taken from the syrup. Some people also use milk to enhance the drink. Some cultures also tend to make it in a style more akin to a drink than a dessert.

Faluda of Hyderabad
The dessert is very similar to the Persian faloodeh and the Thai drink nam manglak, which is made from basil seeds mixed with sugar, water, and rose water. The Iraqi Kurds also have their own version; but made with thicker vermicelli., 2003-2005. All Rights Reserved.
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