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Indian Cuisines


North Indian

 Punjabi Cuisine
  Gulab Jamun

 Uttarpradesi Cuisine

 Rajasthani Cuisine

 Mughlai Cuisine
 Bhojpuri Cuisine
 Bihar Cuisine
 Kashmir Cuisine
  Rogan Josh

South Indian

 Kerala Cuisine
 Tamil Cuisine
 Andhra Cuisine
 Karnataka Cuisine
  Akki Rotti
  Jolada Rotti
  Ragi Mudde
  Ragi Rotti

East Indian

 Bengali Cuisine
 Oriya Cuisine

North-East Indian

 Sikkimese Cuisine
 Assam Cuisine
 Tripuri Cuisine

Bhojpuri cuisine

Bhojpuri cuisine is a style of food preparation common amongst the Bhojpuri people living in Bihar.

Bhojpuris are fond of spicy foods and their cuisines essentially contains various mouth-watering spices found in the Indian sub-continent.

The food is tailor made for Bhojpuri lifestyle in which the rural folk burn up a lot of calories in the fields.

Because of the reason that Bhojpuri people take pride in celebrating various festivals and practises various relegious rites, their also food resemble the delicacies of food that are offered to Gods and goddesses. (Further inputs shall be provided by Bharat Prasad)

Some dishes popular in Bhojpuri cuisine include:

choley: chickpeas.
Rajma: Red kidney beans
Lobiya: black eyed bean
Dal makhani
Aloo matar
Bihari kebab
Gulab Jamun
Dal Maharani

These 8 dishes are native to the cuisine of Punjab (excpet for Bihari kebab). Bhojpuri people eat a lot of Punjabi food as they have been doing so for 220 years (around 1790 when these dishes originated)., 2003-2005. All Rights Reserved.
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