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Indian Cuisines


North Indian

 Punjabi Cuisine
  Gulab Jamun

 Uttarpradesi Cuisine

 Rajasthani Cuisine

 Mughlai Cuisine
 Bhojpuri Cuisine
 Bihar Cuisine
 Kashmir Cuisine
  Rogan Josh

South Indian

 Kerala Cuisine
 Tamil Cuisine
 Andhra Cuisine
 Karnataka Cuisine
  Akki Rotti
  Jolada Rotti
  Ragi Mudde
  Ragi Rotti

East Indian

 Bengali Cuisine
 Oriya Cuisine

North-East Indian

 Sikkimese Cuisine
 Assam Cuisine
 Tripuri Cuisine

Andhra cuisine

Rice is the staple food of the southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. Andhra cuisine is called Bhojanamu in Telugu, the language of Andhras. Andhra is the second largest producer of rice in India, after West Bengal. Naturally, a lot of local food is rice based.

Regular meal (Bhojanamu)

A full Andhra meal generally consists of some or all of the following:
* Cooked Rice
* Pappu, the Telugu word for cooked Redgram / Pigeonpea seeds.
* For vegetable entrees/curries there are wide variety of vegetables used in the curry preparation which also includes green leafy vegetables.Brinjal curry is most famous of all. Non-vegetarian curries include "Kodikoora" (Chicken), "Vetamamsam" (goat mutton), "Chepakoora" (Fish) and "Royyakoora" (Prawn). Pork is also consumed, although not widely.Fried curries are the favorites.
* Patchadi (Pickles), e.g., Uragaaya, Aavakaaya (spicy mango pickle) and one made of a leafy vegetable called Gongura. Pickles, fresh as well as preserved, are made from all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
* Pappuchaaru (Sambaaru) - (Lentil / Redgram based vegetable soup)
* Pulusu - A vegetable broth resembling sambar, but very different in preparation and taste
* Rasamu or Chaaru - A lighter version of Sambaar without vegetables
* Perugu (Yoghurt) or Majjiga (Buttermilk)
* Appadam (Papadums) usually eaten with pulusu or sambar. Appadam is called Poppadam in Tamil and is more commonly known as Poppadam (tamil name) in the west.
* A sweet dish or two.
* Bananas
* Tamboolam (Also called Killi, Beeda or Paan) made of fresh Betel leaves and Arecanut pieces and Lime.

Breakfast foods

Idlis are commonly eaten as breakfast item or as a full meal along with Patchadi (Chutney) in Telugu, and/or sambar. The most common Patchadi is made from coconut.

Minapattu (Dosa) is also commonly eaten for breakfast or the evening snack. There are several varieties eaten such as the masala dosa, rava dosa, sada dosa, and rava masala dosa. Generally, Andhra-style versions of these dosas are spicier and crispier than those of its other South Indian counterparts.

Pesarattu is also a key item in Andhra cuisine, it is more similar to Dosa but the batter is made of green mung beans, the taste is unique and fantastic. It is usually thin and crispy, with onions, green chillies, ginger pieces and coriander chopped and filled. It is accompanied by Allam Chutney mainly made of ginger. MLA Pesarattu is more popular variety of pesarattus which has Upma as filling.

Uppu Pindi or Uppidi Pindi is equivalent to Upma, commonly consumed as breakfast item or as a full meal along with Patchadi (Chutney) in Telugu. This dish is prepared with one cup Rice Ravva (split/broken rice), half cup mung dal (split green gram), three Table spoons of freshly grated coconut, fresh green chillies, curry leaves and cooked with three cups of water. Seasoning: Add to 1 Tbsp hot oil, 1 Tbsp each urad dal and mustard seeds. Add seasoning, salt to taste, cover and cook for 30 minutes or until broken rice/dal is cooked.

Evening snack (Phalahaaramu)

At home, many savory snacks that make appearance during evenings they are
* Kaarappoosa
* Chekkalu
* Sakinalu
* Guggillu
* Pakodi
* Boondi
* Mixture
* Ponganalu
* Punukulu
* Upma
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