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Tripura History

Tripura (Twipra) used to be a royal state before independence.The Tribal Kings (Habugra) had the title of Manikya and ruled Tripura for hundreds of years until its incorporation into India in 1949. The capital of the Kingdom was based in Udaipur which was known as Rangamati on the banks of the river Gomati (Kormoti) in South Tripura. The capital was shifted first to Old Agartala and then the present Agartala in the 19th Century. As a revolt against the monarchic rule, the Ganamukti Parishad movement was launched. The movement was victorious and Tripura was integrated with India. It was heavily affected by partition and its population now consists of Bengalis (most of whom came as refugees from Bangladesh after independence in 1971) living side by side with the native tribal population.

Tripura Geography

Tripura is mainly a hilly territory with altitudes varying from 50 to 3080 ft above sea level, though the major population of the state lives in the plains.
The state is located in the Bio-geographic zone of 9B-North-East Hills and possesses an extremely rich bio-diversity. The local flora and faunal components of Indo-Malayan and Indo-Chinese sub-regions. There are 379-species of trees, 320-shrubs, 581-herbs, 165-climbers, 16-climbing shrubs, 35-fernsa and 45-epiphytes.

Tripura Economy

Tripura's gross state domestic product for 2004 is estimated at $2.1 billion in current prices.
Agriculture is the mainstay of Tripura's economy. Agricultural sector provides employment to nearly 51 % of the total workers in the State. However, handicraft, particularly made of bamboo,also finds a special mention in the states' economy. The per capita income at current prices of the state stands at Rs 10931 and at constant prices Rs 6813 in the financial year 2000-2001.

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  Facts about Tripura
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