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Tamil Nadu History

Tamil Nadu's recorded history dates back about 6000 years and the origin of its people is closely tied to the debates of the Aryan invasion theory. Those who uphold this theory favour the view that the Tamils belong to the Dravidian race and were part of the early Indus Valley settlers. But recent historical evidence questions the Aryan invasion theory.
Tamil Nadu was constituted by various kingdoms such as that of the Chera, the Chola and the Pandya.
It must be noted that the ancient Tamil works state that the Tamils were earlier living on a land south of the present Tamil Nadu. According to "Iraiyanar Agapporul", of the original 49 "nadus" ("divisions") only three - chera, chola and pandya - survived a deluge.
The history of the Pandyan kingdom dates as early as 6th century BC. Legend says Madurai was founded by the first Pandyan king of the last Sangam age Muda Thiru Maaran after the deluge or the flood ( of the Bible ) . The Pandyas excelled in trade and learning. They controlled the present districts of Madurai, Tirunelveli, and part of south Kerala. The Pandyas had trading contacts with Greece and Rome and were powerful in their own right, though they were subjugated during various periods by the Pallavas and Cholas.
The kingdom of the Cheras comprised of the modern state of Kerala, along the western or Malabar Coast of southern India. Their proximity to the sea favoured trade with Africa. This region still boasts of a few Jewish settlers and people of Arab origin. Many Maronite Christians and Syrian Catholics still live in the region.
The Cholas, the most well known of the three, date their origin to Manu Mandata; they ruled the Kaveri delta. They mastered the technique of controlling a river at the head of its delta. In the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries, they built the most significant Indian naval power, and held sway over the Indonesian archipalego for about 150 years.

Tamil Nadu Districts

Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuddalore district, Dharmapuri , Dindigul , Erode ,Kanchipuram , Kanyakumari , Karur , Krishnagiri , Madurai , Nagapattinam , Namakkal , Perambalur , Pudukkottai , Ramanathapuram , Salem , Sivaganga , Thanjavur , The Nilgiris , Theni , Thoothukudi , Tiruchirapalli , Tirunelveli , Tiruvallur , Tiruvannamalai , Tiruvarur , Vellore , Viluppuram , Virudhunagar ,

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