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Orissa Tourism

Orissa as early as the 5th and 4th century BC, seaports flourished in this area. The first king of Ceylon, Vijaya, is believed to have been a Kalinga prince. Colonists from Kalinga did not stop at Ceylon but went as far as Java, Sumatra, Bali and carried Indian civilization with them. And before the emergence of the Christian era, there was maritime relationship between Orissa and South East Asia. Ashok, a Mauryan king, invaded Kalinga around 261 BC and ultimately conquered it. But the terrible bloodshed changed Ashoka which took him to Buddhism and for the rest of the life preached peace.
Exotic Orissa, on the coast along the Bay of Bengal, just grows on you. It's green valleys, blue hills, lush green forests and golden beaches have a magical impact. Orissa is also a kaleidoscope of past splendor and contemporary expression. Bhubaneshwar's 500 glorious temples today stand testimony to the glory of the prosperous kingdoms that emerged here. Konarak's stupendous Sun Temple is the crowning glory of Orissa and is one of the wonders of ancient India. Puri, on the eastern coast of Orissa, is a magnificent beach resort and is one of the four great Hindu pilgrim centres.

Orissa Weather

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