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Manipur Tourism

Manipur has a lot to offer to the tourists visiting this state. Some of the places worth visiting are the Shree Govindajee Temple (a pilgrimage as well as historic center of the Vaishnavite), Kaina (a sacred place of Hindus), Khwairamand Bazaar (a market place run by women), Manipur Zoological Garden (renowned for the rare sangai deer), apart from the beautiful Loktak Lake and Sendra Island. Besides, Langthabal (historic sites), Moirang, Moreh, Phubala, Singda, Khongjom, Sahid Mandir, Khonghampat Orchidarium, Keibul Lamjao National Park, Sekta Archeological Living Museum, and the Manipur State Museum are surely worth a visit.
The festivals of Manipur hold special importance to the people of the state. Most of their festivals are characterized by traditional dance and music along with some traditional refreshment. Yaosang is a festival celebrated on the full-moon day of February/March. This festival is also regarded as the festival to welcome spring season. Moreover, there are festivals like the Manipuri New Year celebration known as the Cheirouba and the festival to reassure the loving relationship of the siblings known as Ningol Chakaouba. Kut is another festival that marks the harvesting season in Manipur. Feasts, traditional drinks, and merrymaking characterize the festival.

Manipur Weather

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