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National Capital Territory of Delhi

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The National Capital Territory of Delhi(NCT) is a special Union Territory of India. The territory encompasses three census towns: New Delhi (the capital of India), Old Delhi and Delhi Cantonment, along with 214 villages. The term is also used informally to refer to the national capital region (NCR) which is a metropolitan region and includes the surrounding satellite cities of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and NOIDA.
The NCT was set up as a federally administered Union Territory on 1956-11-01. In December 1991, the NCT was given a legislative assembly headed by a Chief Minister. The territory is not classified as a true Union territory, though the Central government does have limited control over the functioning of the territory much like other Union territories. Delhi is to eventually become a full fledged state.
The NCT is unique in India in that the municipal control is handled by a locally elected government, while major areas like police, and administration are handled by the central government.
The establishment of a NCT was with a desire to fuel development of surrounding areas into urban centers. This would help in the de-congestion of the main city which already suffers from an over burden by a constant in-pouring of people from all over India.

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