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Chhattisgarh Culture

Chhattisgarh is one of the least developed states of India. The per capita income is around 250 USD as of 2001. Only 20% of population lives in urban areas. Basic amenities like telephone service are not available in many areas.But now the cellphones services are available in major part of the State.
Chhattisgarh is very different from other states known to outside world. In general people are good natured ,disciplined and self satisfied . The village society was least affected by classical doctrines of Hinduism and most of the customs and cultural practices are unique. As such rural women here are though poor but are more independent, hardy,better organised and socially more vociferous and command more power in general compared to their counterparts in other parts of India, so much so that they can choose and even terminate a marriage at will. Most of the old temples here are related to women power (eg Shabari, Mahamaya, Danteshwari). This state also host many religious sects like Satnami, Kabirpanth, Ramnami Samaj, and others which originated as reaction to caste based Hinduism practised by outsiders coming to the state.

Bastar , The Land of Tribals and Natural Resources , is also enriched with natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. It is surrounded with dense forests ,hilly mountains , streams, waterfalls , natural caves , natural parks etc. It is firmly a tribal area, where the natural beauty can easily attract the tourists at first sight itself. Here the art & culture is the valuable ancient property of the Bastariyas. From the view point of tourists and tourism , Bastar is called the 'Kashmir of Chhattisgarh'. If we place Bastar in the map of tourism , no doubt it definitely attracts the foreign tourists.
The deep forest area ,between bushes and bamboos where one always felt the absence of sunlight , wide and thick forests , costly woods such as Sal , Teak , Sheesam ,Bija etc., between high mountains cool flowing stream , mountain valleys , caves , high waterfalls , sky-touching valleys and in the valleys the spread of greenary and in between this , the huts made by bamboo sticks, the fearless life style of the tribals and their culture, our heart and mind can be fill with new wonders and pleasure.
There are so many places which are worth seeing ,not only in Bastar district, but also in the neighbouring districts Dantewada and Kanker, which are in Bastar division.. It is being heard that there are many places of worth seeing which are still unexplored .Bastar will imprint an unerasable memory in the mind of a tourist if once he visit here .
The important tourist places in Bastar district are Chitrakot and Tiratgarh (both are water falls), Kotamsar and Kailash caves, Kanger Valley National Park etc.Indravati National Park, known for tigers and wild buffaloes is situated at a distance of 200 Kms, west of Jagdalpur, is another place of worth seeing. There is another tourist spot virgin Kurschel Valley, with its gigantics trees, situated at 40 Kms. north west of Narainpur. There are two wild life sanctuaries Bhairamgarh and Pamed which are in Dantewada district. The famous historical temple of Goddess Danteshwari is situated in Dantewada.Another place of historical interest in Dantewada district is Barsur.

Chhattisgarh Weather

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