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Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh Language

65% of the Arunachalis belong to 20 major-collective tribes and 82 tribes, who had a heritage of a diverse and rich culture, language and beliefs. Most of them are either of Tibetan or of Thai-Burmese origin. Another 35% of the population are immigrants, including 30,000 Bangladeshi and Chakma expartriates, and immigrants from other parts of India, notably Assam and Nagaland.
The most notable tribes include the Adi, Nishi Monpa and Apa Tani.
The literacy of the State rose to 54.74% from 41.59% in 1991. As of today, the number of literates is 487,796.
Recent statistics shows that 36% of Arunachal's population are Animist, who follow Animistic religions such as Donyi-Polo and Rangfrah. 37% claim to be Hindus, but this is somewhat disputed as the belief system of most tribal groups shows little or no Hindu influence, although many are members of immigrant groups. Hindu Revivalists, unlike Hindu traditionalists, agree that the so-called tribals of India are Hindus. Tribes who follow Hinduism include the Nocte and Miri.
Another 13% of the population claim to be Buddhist. Tibetan Buddhism predominates in the districts of Tawang, West Kameng and isolated regions adjacent to Tibet, and Theravada Buddhism is practiced by tribal groups living near the Burmese border.
Christians, whose presence was first made after 1961, mostly Baptist, account for another 13% of the population, is widely practiced by several Naga tribes in Changlang and Tirap adjacent to Nagaland. Though not common, a few tribal groups combine the Christian and Animist belief systems together.

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